Nov 25, 2013

California Gurls

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(Photos by me)

California Gurls we're undeniable: fun, fresh, fierce, we got it on lock. - Katy Perry

You could travel the world, but nothing comes close to the golden coast! While all of my friends back east are complaining about the snow, I'm in Cali having a great time in Daisy Dukes lol. Sorry to everyone in a cold place, but you guys know I do this any time it gets cold. Even my cute cape coats and boots couldn't make me stay in that cold!

Because it's so nice out, I was hyped to wear these dope Chola-esque shorts that are 1. plaid, and 2. already have sleeves attached. Ummm.... Yasss! I had to have them the moment I scrolled past them on the Nasty Gal site. This way awesome collared crop from Gypsum was the perfect addition and made the look go a little naughty schoolgirl. I love schoolgirl! (peep an old schoolgirl look here)

To finish the look, I added a few silver bangles and this banging garter I got from Karmaloop a few months back while I was in NY -some of you may have seen it on my Instagram. With some chunky Shoe Cult booties (they even have a little chain), I was ready to head out in to the sunshine. Here's hoping I get a tan so I can live up to my Cali girl image. 

xx Slim

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