Apr 17, 2012

Lil Miss Sunshine

Neon top via NastyGal, Solemio skater skirt via Tobi,  Henry Holland knee tights via Asos, Dolce Vita Jemma Boot, random bracelets, .45 ring

(Photos by me)

 We fly higher than weather. In G5's or better. -Jay Z

Californians run and hide from rain like it causes death. New Yorkers accept it as a part of life. Being a lil of both, I decided to thug it out and head outside. I kept with the theme of this drab day by wearing all black, but a little dose of sunshine was needed before my inner SoCal made me slit my wrists (look, I'm dramatic). Enter the brightest shirt in my closet.

Neon is exactly what I needed to turn this rainy, gloomy day in to pure awesomeness. Everybody knows I'm a sucker for neon and themes. My fave is Chola, but today I went with modified school girl. I could twirl around in this skirt all day and the wind made for a few very hilarious Marilyn Monroe-esque moments. It may possibly be the best skirt ever.

How do you guys feel about neon and themes? Love it/hate it? Tell me! I'm super hyped to share my adventures with you guys and I want to hear your feedback. Stay with me. More to come.



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