Aug 29, 2017


bandage cage bra
shayla drake, shayla greene
Fall is officially creeping up on us. Although I prefer hot over the cold, I can't say I'm not a little bit excited to wear some of the pieces it's been too hot to rock. Read on for more.

Top: Hanes
Bra: Mistress Rocks
Backpack: Poster Girl
Boots: Shoe Republic here

I have been wanting a bra like this for over a year, but I was hesitant to drop over $221 (plus international shipping)on the gorgeous La Filled d'O "Dark Lands" bra. Luckily for my wallet, I finally found a way more affordable version. Since I clearly wouldn't wear it alone anywhere outside of the bedroom, I decided to pair it with this mens t shirt, a backpack and boots. To finish it off, I threw on some chunky silver jewelry and was ready to go. Are you guys feeling this casual slay? Let me know below!

xx Slim


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