Mar 31, 2017


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White shirts are such a versatile basic and a must have for every closet. Read on for  more on how I styled this men's shirt

off the shoulder shirt, thigh high boots and shorts

Shirt: Old Navy
Shorts: Fashion Nova
Charm: (affordable option hereFendi
Boots: Luxe To Kill

Seventeen five same color t shirt (white) - Migos

There are plenty of things we love to steal from our men: kissing, food, their hoodies and sweats. While all of these things are awesome, my fave has to be the white shirt. They always fit way better for styling purposes, and they're special because their his. Happily single? No worries, you can easily hit the men's section at Old Navy and cop your very own for about $20. 

I wanted to wear cut-off shorts, but not show too too much skin. With the addition of this shirt, I managed to create a simple yet stunning look. To achieve this styling:
1) place the unbuttoned shirt over your arms and determine where you'd be comfortable with it sitting (we don't want a nip slip!)
2) Fasten the button to where you can freely move but also won't have to worry about previously mentioned nip slip.
3) Button 2 more buttons and then loosely tie the rest of the shirt. You want it to look relaxed and fall naturally.
4) Turn heads

To finish the look, I added a small cross body bag (complete with a charm), vintage Dior earrings, and some thigh high boots. This would also work with gladiator sandals, slides or mules. You can pretty much wear this elevated basic look with anything. Stay tuned for more ways to style the classic white shirt.

xx Slim

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