Dec 14, 2016


thigh high belted boots, public desire boots

My love for cam runs deep despite having to constantly see it all over my house (hello military spouse). This jacket and these boots are my current faves and I'd wear them daily if I could. Read on for more...

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Dolly Belted Boots | Glamorous Parka here and here | Cara Dress | Necklace

Didn't they tell you that I was a savage? - Rihanna

I've been away but I'm back! My hair is super different because I don't have the time to dye it, so I'm doing my hair with these ignorantly long clip lol. I'm kind of digging the more "natural" look. Anyway, on to my outfit.
When I saw this jacket, much like these boots, I needed to buy immediately. We all wanted Rihanna's Manolo collab belted boots, and we all loved her tour attire, so once I put this olive look together, I felt like it would've been the perfect fit had I caught her tour lol. And the price is even better. Please believe I'm wearing both so much my friend will be annoyed lol. Are you feeling this olive look? And what are your fave Winter wardrobe additions so far? Let me know in the comments.

xx Slim


  1. I'm obsessed with those boots! Love this look!

  2. Hey-FYI- Your blog was mentioned on the best of list by "The Girl with the red soles site- a Louboutin spotter page. Link to the list is below

  3. You're my mommybanger inspiration Slim. Keep killing them

  4. Oh my gosh! Those boots are dope. I need them. Is that jacket inside hour?


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