Dec 5, 2015


I'm obviously mad late with the second portion the diary from our much needed, after deployment vacation, but it's here lol. Keep going for more photos from paradise.

Nasty Gal One-piece | HM Palm Bikini | Bebe Body Chain | Kaftan From Dubai | Bottle Blonde Tee

We literally had the best time ever staying at the Mandavara Resort & Spa, Karon Beach. Our room, the Tropicana Superior Room, was so dope we hardly wanted to leave it, the pool was so relaxing we never wanted to leave that either, and we basically spent the entire time in swimwear lol. I'd also like to note that the spa is amazing.

Other than lounging around by the ocean or pool, we did visit the Siam Safari elephant sanctuary, the mall, Thalang road and a few temples. The food was, of course, great. I really could go on and on about Phuket, but I'll leave it at it's the perfect place for a honeymoon or romantic getaway with your boo. Everything is super cheap, there is lots of night life (if you're in to that) and it's hilarious getting the fish pedicure (I'll spare you the photos lol). Unfortunately, it was so much fun, we barely took any photos. Thanks for reading

xx Slim


  1. Nice photos :)

    Maria V.


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