Jun 7, 2015


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I have to admit: initially, I didn't think that dressing up with my baby boy would be so much fun. Read on for more info about our looks and what we've been up to!

lace up sandals, heeled lace up sandals

Me: Shoes: Just Fab | Skirt: Hello Molly | Top: H&M | Bag: Kate Spade "Wellesly Quinn" Shopper

Baby Dylan: Shoes: Converse Kids Chuck Taylor All Star Core Hi  | Shorts: Kohl's | "Daddy Taught Me" Shirt c/o  Little Boss Baby | Stroller: Orbit Baby Infant Travel Collection 

Just the two of us. We can make it if we try. Just the two of us... - Will Smith Version

The countdown is on: there are 37 days until my Trevy is home from his deployment. I'm not sure if Dylan notices his almost 6 month absence, but I certainly have. Because I live so far from family and feel a way about putting Dylan in child care or hiring a nanny until he can talk, I'm literally a full-time stay at home momtreprenuer. Yes, I may have made that word up lol.

I can't even gloss over it and pretend that it's easy. From the guilt (Am I spending enough time singing to and reading to him?), to the lack of sleep and pressure to get out orders in time, I am exhausted. But this is in no way a complaint. Blessed is an understatement because I have found a way to help support my family AND not miss a moment of my baby's life from the comfort of my home #boss. 

Occasionally, I give myself a day off from my party decor shop Slim Crafts and my clothing shop Bottle Blonde to just hang out with my baby. No emails. No post office drops. Just me and Dylly. And it's nice. Sometimes, I dress Dylly like daddy (who is super preppy) but today, I dressed him more like mommy. He'd rather play with his shoes, but I LOVE his little Chucks. And how dope is his "Daddy Taught Me" shirt? I can't even deal. 

As for me, I wanted to look like a #mommybanger, so I wore this extra fly asymmetrical skirt with an old crop top I have. We took a stroll around the mall with his stroller in the "big boy" position. A year in, I can definitely say that I LOVE my stroller. If you guys follow me on Instagram, you may recall how excited I was to get it for Christmas. Days like this are the best and though I miss my husband, I cherish the moments when it's just the two of us: Dylly and mommy.

xx Slim



  1. Awww Dylan looks so adorable with his baby chucks! And you're definitely a #mommybanger in this outfit. I love it so much! ♡

    xx AlexisSplash


  2. Wow it is really a nice things.Thanks for share your post.


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