Apr 13, 2015

DIY Tutorial: How I Turned My Spare Room To A Closet Room

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I know many of you have watched my closet/office tour video, and I'd like to thank you all for that! Now, I'm going to take you on a photo tour and give you guys the details on how I put it all together. 

Like I mentioned in the video, I just moved in to the new house and I love it. My favorite room is this one of course. I spent about a month planning it out and shopping for it.

My original plan was to have a craft and sewing room, and a closet/office room because I didn't have anymore space for any of them at our old place. While I haven't started on my craft room, my closet, office and sewing area are complete. 

Here are few iPhone photos of the process of me building the room. It took me about 7 days to complete because I wanted to do it and the guest room before I actually moved in. Also, I couldn't stay longer than a few hours at a time at the house because I'm still breastfeeding Dylan. Luckily, my mother was in town and watched him. I'd probably still be unpacking if it weren't for her lol. Read on for my detailed account and full tour!

I went with the Ikea Billy Bookcase Series to build my closet with. Later, I'm going to fill in the shelve holes with plaster, but I wanted to make sure I have them where I want them before I do that. I've already had to add extra shelves lol. To make them into a closet system, I just added rods between the cases. 

I was so happy when I finally completed it. Too bad the majority of my black and white clothes are still in boxes or in the closet in my room lol lol.

marquee sign, DIY, vintage marquee letters

One of my favorite things in here is my DIY CC marquee sign. I'd seen them in the Chanel ads and decided that I NEEDED one in my life. It was pretty simple to make. Would you guys be interested in a tutorial? Let me know in the comments and I'll make one!

As you can tell, I really wanted to display my shoes. I've gotten rid of or sold a lot of clothes so that I can fit everything in one room. Though I didn't quite succeed (I'm also using the walk-in in my bedroom) -or finish packing, I managed to create a space that holds my favorites.

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I even have a cute little glass door for a "display case" area that has my favorite shoes and bags. Gotta keep them safe and dust free!

closet island, walk-in closet

Because I've ALWAYS wanted one, I just had to have a fainting couch (aka chaise lounge). In my head, my dream closet would be a place where I could semi lay down and ponder my outfits lol. Now, I can. I found this one for like, dirt cheap (it's still on sale here) and spray painted the legs gold to fit my theme. Although it takes up a lot of space, I would rather have less space than compromise on things that I wanted, so I did it in addition to my other large piece: my island.

walk in closet, closet island

Instead of buying one, I decided to use an Ikea hack again lol. Using 3 bookcases (got mine here), I created an island with cubby hole storage which is great for sweaters, jeans, hats, and belts. For the top, I used marble contact paper (here). I seriously love how it turned out. It definitely looks a lot more expensive than it was, and was quick to make. The chandelier (I got mine here) also adds a bit of flair and adds the perfect amount of light. Lighting is super important for a dressing room. And when it has crystals, it's especially necessary lol. 

Notice how I'm only displaying my black and gold fragrances lol? I kept the rest of them in my bathroom. 

Yes, I totally used a cupcake stand for my nail polishes lol. It's a great way to keep them organized AND on display. I got it from HOMEGOODS (my favorite store!)

I used the top of the island to display perfumes, polishes, sunglasses, and watches. The book and candles keep it pretty. There are fashion books displayed all over the room. They're so pretty and are great additions to add interest to an area. 

I put a Diptyque candle in here so I could keep the room and my clothes smelling good. This brand makes the best candles. They are very fragrant, even when not lit. I love them.

I am always forgetting about my jeans, so I put my favorite ones on a rolling rack and hung them with shower hooks. 

painting wood furniture, campaign desk

My desk is an integral part of this room. I needed not only a retreat away from the boys, but a place that I could work in. What better place to blog from than my closet? You can't help but be inspired when you're surrounded by clothes lol. I made this desk out of a plain black desk. Check out my pictorial on how I made it here!

As you can probably see, the room is a loft room with a balcony that overlooks my dining room. It's kinda cool that I can peer in on whoever's downstairs, so I didn't really want to block the view. I just put a chalk board and a not board up so I can post things and write down my goals. Next to my desk, I hung this cute Oliver Gal canvas print. I have another Chanel one in my living room. I love their fashion prints. I think I want another one for my guest room lol. 

I brought my jewelry armoire in here from my room. Although it's silver, I kind of like how it's silver while everything else is gold. I had my husband paint it for me a while back because it was really old and ugly oak wood (I hate brown wood). It was in my old walk-in because it was too ugly to display. I'm glad it's getting it's shine now lol. 

Although I wanted to have my sewing and craft room together, I ended up putting my sewing area in here at the expense of more clothes space. When I move, I'll probably put it with the craft room, but for now, I like it in here. That's mostly because I LOVE this dress form. I knew I wanted to go outside of my comfort zone with my color scheme in this room (I usually decorate in white, cream or blue although the rest of my house is silver and gold due to my husband vetoing white lol). I chose black and white with gold accents. White and gold are my favorite colors, but I've never done black. This dress form was my inspiration to do that.

I used the chevron print of the form as my theme (along with Chanel) for the room. I used it on a pillow, some bins, and my curtains. My husband says he hates the curtains lol. I took my ghost chairs that were in my living room at my old place and put them to use in here. They look great with both desks. For my sewing table (that my printer ended up on lol), I used this really affordable desk from Walmart and spray painted the legs gold (I totally need to touch it up. I just haven't gotten the chance). I've got to say that I love how it turned out. My favorite part of it is the shelves. 

I'm very happy that I was able to create this entire room for less than what I originally thought it would cost me. I DIY'ed a lot and I got almost everything from HOMEGOODS, Hobby Lobby, Ross, Target, Walmart, and Marshalls. This post is super long, but I hope you guys love my closet/office as much as I do!

xx Slim


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