Jan 13, 2015


Olive is a color that I've been loving lately. Winter is all about dark colors, but I decided I'd wear this Spring staple anyway. Read on for more...

ombre hair, lace up booties

 Pants: Missguided | Top: Missguided | Bra: Nasty Gal | Shoes: Shiekh Shoes | Bag: Missguided

Photos by Trevor

Got some time off, girl it's been so long... - Tyga

I'm not sure I was prepared for how cold it can get during the Winter here. At all. Last Winter, I was super pregnant, but I don't remember it getting down to the 30's or 20's. In any case, I hate the cold and am soon over it. Imagine my glee when it warmed up just enough for me to not have to wear a coat:)

While I am a huge fan of black, I'm leaning more towards other darker colors. I told you guys about my navy obsession, and my other one is olive. I've always loved this color on my honey bee, but recently, I've been wanting to wear it myself. One of my favorite pieces that I've gotten are these joggers. The material is kind of a faux silk making them perfect for casual freshness. 

I added my current favorite bra and a sheer-ish top (so said bra can peek through) and I felt like I was a bit closer to Spring. Even though there are at least 30 days to go until it warms up, I had to let the nicer weather know I've still got it for it.

xx Slim


  1. Such a great look! It has been pretty cold lately, but I'm so ready to start wearing my shorts and tanks for the spring. I think this outfit is a perfect transition towards spring. I seriously love the sheer top and bra! ♡

    xx AlexisSplash


  2. This outfit is absolutely flawless! I love khaki and the shoes make it even better! Love, love, love!




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