Jun 17, 2014


color blocking, neon outfit, neone blazer, ombre hair, allthingsslim, nasty gal, asos, missguided

allthingsslim, neon skirt, nasty gal, asos, missguided, color blocking

Photos by Trevor

Strawberry! Raspberry! All thsoe good flavors... Sweet like candy - Cameo

Looking real nice... Wrapped up tight in all of these candy shades... While Trevor said I looked like a pack of highlighters (lol), I felt great because, as you guys know, I love a good neon. #allneoneverything lol 

The mood struck me to wear something bright, so I reached for this really dope neon blazer I got a few weeks back from Asos. Addicted, I kept reaching for the brights and ended up with this wonderful hodgepodge of colors. Let me just say I LOVE this origami skirt. I found it on Nasty Gal a couple of weeks ago, but hadn't worn it yet because I've been such a homebody (read: I just had a baby lol).

To finish my look, I slipped on this Missguided shell and an old yellow H&M necklace to break up the pinks. With the addition of this super dope bright yellow triangle bag I received from Front Row ShopI was ready to turn heads (and blind people lol). Are you guys in to all of these brights? Let me know. I attempt to look my best for you, indeed I do.

xx Slim


  1. Omg I die for your skirt, amazing!!!!!!!
    visit my blog:

  2. I love the color block! Nothing's wrong with blinded people for the sake of fashion lol. I definitely love that triangle bag, it's so different and the color is just perfect ♡

    xx AlexisSplash


  3. You look absolutely gorgeous! Dare I say you are glowing...

  4. Love the colors! I want to get the same blazer, did you get a US 2 or a US 4?

  5. Great bold colors...I love it so pretty



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