yellow dress, spring dress, clutch bag, ombre hair, maternity style, baby bump, allthingsslim
allthingsslim, baby bump, jeweled clutch, yellow dress, spring dress, ombre hair,
baby bump, allthingsslim, ombre hair, spring trends,
neon clutch, jeweled clutch, allthingsslim,

Photos by Trevor

Treasure: that is what you are... You know you could make my wish come true if you let me treasure you. -Bruno Mars

Imagine the joy I felt when I realized that even though I had ordered my non-pregnant size, this super fly dress fit me at 32 weeks pregnant. Yay! I'm not sure what it is about yellow, but this color just makes my skin pop. So fresh. So Spring. 

Feeling colorful, and wanting to look sexy for date night, I added a hot pink lip, hot pink heels, and this neon (you know I love neon) River Island clutch. Yasss! Can you tell that I love this outfit? lol

I've got to admit that it's hard to feel sexy when you're bloated and tired and VERY pregnant, but this dress definitely made it LOOK easy lol. I certainly can't wait to rock this again post-baby.

xx Slim
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