Jan 7, 2014


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Missguided Grecia Dress / Zigi Alana Boots / Forever21 Cuff / TopShop Hoops

(Photos by me)

Now I yearn for yesterday... Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away... - En Vogue Version

I've got to admit that while I'm excited about meeting my sweet little Dylan, being pregnant is NO FUN! Beyond the back aches, sore ribs, insatiable hunger, etc., I'm going through the "I totally knew this was going to happen but I can't believe it's happening" stage. You know, where your jeans fit but won't button, and you get scolded for wanting to wear certain shoes.

Speaking of shoes, say hello to these babies. I fell in love with Tom Ford's original version when they came out a few seasons ago, and when these came across my screen, I HAD to have them.

Tom Ford SS13 Boots (Photo via The Guardian)

 Of course, Trevy is not a fan of me wearing heels right now -especially heels as high as these, so they'll be sitting in my closet saying "wear me" for a few more months :'(. 

It's so hard to say goodbye to my high heels!!! What do you think of my new babies? Let me know!

xx Slim


  1. Love the gold boots !!


  2. Oh my God I just died and went to shoe paradise. They are perfect! I am so in love with those shoes and you look super sassy dear! simply stunning xx


  3. you look good as hell!! check out http://www.jadore-fashion.com/, she had awesome pregnancy style!!

  4. they are phenomenal! Look great on you!

  5. Only you can pull this sick look off...You look awesome


  6. So your husband is in the army and you can afford $2500+ shoes? What is it that you do by trade/formal training?

  7. I'm pregnant too and I'm not giving up my heels. When I wear flats it literally hurts because I'm so used to wearing heels. When people say pregnant people shouldn't wear heels it's because you can clearly stumble but you can do that in flats too. If you're a veteran heel wearing then go ahead, but if you're trying out heels during pregnancy you may feel off balance. As long as my feet aren't swollen and I could fit my heels they're being worn. When someone comments on what I eat or wear I respond with "Oh I didn't know I was raising a community baby." lol Stay stunning!!

  8. 1st never in a million years would I be able to rock this. 2ndly you're preggo?! YOU GO GIRL! damn i want to look that good if I ever have a baby.





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