Jan 16, 2014


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(Photos by me)

I'm dressed up in love... And I'm cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter - Jennifer Hudson

People are looking: some even staring. I know that I'm glowing when they ask me what I'm wearing... And it's not just because of my amazing blazer dress I found on Missguided either. It's so funny how confused people are when they see. From the front, little Dylly is hard to see, but, depending on what I'm wearing, you can see him from the side lol.

Although I did buy a couple of pairs of maternity jeans, I'm certainly still rocking non-maternity clothes. And for good reason: when you get the right size, it still fits:) I have been searching for a dope blazer dress forever; unfortunately, I didn't feel comfortable spending a lot on certain great options, because I wanted to be able to wear it bump or no bump. 

I love this version because it wasn't too expensive. I have to be strategic about what I buy now. I ask myself: will this fit after the baby? Can I still wear this when I start showing more? I can't be pregnant and dowdy! How are you guys feeling the blazer dress and my maternity style so far? Let me know!

xx Slim


  1. you look so good pregnant!


  2. You're pregnant!!! Where have I been? Congratulations lady, looking good.


  3. I really like this dress- the polka areas are really charming and I'm sure that Santa will agree to. And, I'm also becoming more zen about unpicking (most of the time).

  4. you look so beautiful pregnant....love the outfit on you !!!


  5. u wake up flawless.


  6. I'm REALLY loving the ombre hair in this look. The gradient is BEYOND beautiful.Your ends look ALOT blonder here. Is there anything you did differently for this ombre versus the one on your YouTube channel?!

    1. Thank you. Nope. I have more than one on my channel. In the first, I'm going from black, then I say I touch up my color like once a month (I have a second video touching up my color starting from ombre as it takes a bit to get it down to platinum without damaging your/the hair). In these pictures, I had just touched up my color (from the last video like 5 months ago) the night before lol I'd been too lazy because I was pregnant.
      Hope this helps xx

  7. Absolutely impressed by its perfection. I was really impressed by the fine creativity and artistry. I am really looking forward to the coming occasion when I am going to wear it.
    chanel backpack

  8. Absolutely stunning!! Your style is impeccable & you make pregnancy look so fabulous!!


  9. Do you know where I can find something like this similar? The site you referred is out of stock? (Blazer dress)?

  10. Love Love Love x will be buying

  11. hi! what size did you get and does the dress run true to size?

  12. Hi slim what size Did you get in this dress if you don't mind me asking?

  13. The dress looks great on you!
    xx Marina

  14. The dress looks great on you!
    xx Marina

  15. Hi there,
    What size did you get in this dress? Looks great!!




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