Oct 2, 2013

Sweater Weather

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(Photos by me)

It's too cold for you here. Now. So let me hold both your hands in the holes of my sweater. - The Neighbourhood

If I may just take your mind away, and focus it on the awesomeness that is this sweater. I grabbed it a few weeks ago while I was shopping in New York at Top Shop. While I haven't exactly been looking forward to sweater weather -my husband is D. E. P. L. O. Y. E. D. leaving me cold and lonely, I couldn't wait to get to get this beauty on my body.

To finish off my look, I added this faux leather Free People trumpet skirt. It so majorly adorable I can't even take it. I plan on wearing it all the way out until people hate it like my SOIREEs lol. With some Forever21 sandals, a few bangles, and rings, I was ready to brave the California Fall.

xx Slim


  1. This outfit from far looked like Three Floor dress !! Great look!:)

  2. Love it...I adore your style!!

  3. you look amazing as usual!! :)


  4. you look so stylish !
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  5. ou're just beyond everything

  6. Gorgeous doll. Pulled it together really well!

  7. awesome look! Thant top is just fantastic!

  8. You look amazing! My husband is on a TDY as well. :( so is the life.


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