Aug 5, 2013

Safe And Sound

NastyGal Mesh Division Dress / Christian Louboutin Daffodil Pump

(Photos by Trevor)

Even if the sky was falling down I know that we'd be safe & sound. - Capital Cities

As most of you know, my Trevy has been in AZ for the last few months and I've been hyped that I could make a (not so quick) drive to see him. We also thought that we'd be moving to El Paso soon, but sadly, his orders have changed and he's going to Afghanistan very soon. Insert super sad face.

I am, of course, super sad; however, I knew that this was a possibility, and as the child of a servicewoman, I understand his duty to this country. I have also made sure that I can spend the maximum amount of time with him as possible before he heads out. 

This weekend, I was in AZ to get him for a quick vaca in Palm Springs (first time I could spend the whole day/night with him in over 6 months!!) and he shot me for the first time since Dec 12. All that I can do is hope and pray that my sweet hubby will return home to me asap safe and sound.

xx Slim


  1. you look so chic !
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  2. love love the dress! you are gorgeous, your future hubby is one lucky man!!!

  3. Just absolutely love your style!! So chic, sophisticated, and trendy!! Check out our fun styles which you will love!!

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  4. indeed you look very chic!!! i like your fashion.
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  5. Nice dress, chic and sexy! Sorry that your husband has to leave but his service is appreciated!

  6. 1st You look fab, and 2nd... Sorry you hubz has to report for duty, but his commitment to our country is greatly appreciated, and very well respected. Safe trip, and prayers to return home, safe & sound :)


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