May 3, 2013

Read Your Mind

TopShop Leopard Cut Out Back Midi Dress (Worn Backwards) / Zara Leopard Sandals

(Photos by Sacha)

I can read your mind, babe. I see what you're thinking... -Avant

Every girl wants a dress that does all of the talking for her. A dress that turns heads and commands attention. This, my friends, is one of those dresses. 

After browsing TopShop for the millionth time during my stay in New York, I couldn't resist this amazing green animal print dress any longer. It had been calling my name. I knew it was time to give in and try it on. Needless to say, it was love at first sight.

Once I got it home, I had to wear it ASAP. Our courtship had been long, so I needed to get it over with. When I slid it on, I decided to wear it backwards. To finish my look, I kept with the animal theme and slid on my leopard Zara sandals. I'm obsessed with this look. It is giving me everything that I look for in a dress. It read my mind. 

xx Slim


  1. That dress is a show stopper! It fits you perfectly, that print is amazing! Definitely will buy it for myself xx

  2. Show stopping? tick, attention grabbing? tick, lustful looks from guys? tick tick tick. This dress certainly does what you wanted. Great idea wearing it backwards. You look haute.


  3. I love the print of that dress.

  4. Such a stunning dress, you look gorgeous x

  5. looks so good backwards, your abs are amazing xx


  6. I would have never thought to turn that facing front! So smart : )

  7. Love the midriff look! I'm giving away an Alexander McQueen scarf on the blog, you might want to check it out;)

  8. I love your shoes HOT!! Cant find it on Zara website :(


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