May 8, 2013

Rapper's Delight + Video

Motel Catalina Off Shoulder Skater Dress In Paisley / Jeffrey Campbell Lavish Sandals ( here ) / Forever21 Spiked Bars Bracelet / Zara Lucite Clutch (similar one here)

(Photos by me)

Everybody say 'Hotel. Motel. Holiday Inn'... - The Sugarhill Gang

Feeling hyped about the blue skies and the beach breeze, I wanted to don my best Cali girl attire for a day of shopping, etc.. On a day like this, I'd usually go for Chola, but I wanted to look more "girl next door" than O.G.. What says sweet California girl more than a skater dress? 

With it's dope color and cute little sleeves, I was sold on this adorable paisley dress from Motel the moment that I saw it. It gives me CA, 80's, easy-breezy, and cute at the same time. Perfect for today's theme. 

To finish my look, I added this cute Forever21 bangle, my current favorite Zara bag, and my Jeffrey Campbell Lavish sandals. As I'm sure you noticed, I'm very for the gladiator heels/lucite trends this season. I think that they were the perfect way to add a lil' "Slim" to the sweet look. What are your fave trends this season? 

xx Slim


  1. This dress is amazing and I really like the color! Xx

  2. This dress looks gorgeous on you, and those sandals are so pretty! x

  3. i like your outfit very much :)
    follow me :

  4. Love this look you look gorgeous as usual - I need them sandles *ahhh* xoxo

  5. Greetings Slim,
    I've been following you for awhile now. You're always fashionable and cute. However, I am interested in your hair care. Please dish on your hair...and if you're not into hair, hairstyles, etc, could you recommend any sites?

  6. This dress looks lovely, I really like the whole 80's off the shoulder look its defo a great one for the summer...seeing it on you just made me add it to my payday shopping list, you look amazing!

  7. I love those sandals. They seem to work perfectly with every outfit. I also have hair envy. Really loving your blog and I am following you on bloglovin. xx



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