Apr 25, 2013

Birthday Song + Video


2BStores Metal Caged Back Bandage Dress / Vintage DIOR Earrings / Christian Louboutin Lady Clou Pumps 

(Photos by me and Shala and Ceep)

All I want for my birthday is a... - 2Chainz

I truly had the most amazing birthday. Thank you guys for all of the birthday wishes!! 

I celebrated by having a bowling party. Yes. We wore dresses and heels. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Wanting to look sexy, I chose a super cute bandage dress from 2Bstores with metal detail in the back. Normally, I hate wearing earrings, but I decided tonight was special. These are DIOR earrings I got for my birthday years ago. My shoes were also an old birthday gift -to myself. 

My birthday may be over but my contest isn't! Be sure to enter!!

xx Slim


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