Mar 6, 2013

Walking On Sunshine + OOTD Video

Oh My Love textured skater dress, Zara Gold Plated Maxi Necklace and leopard heels, NastyGal Binded Circle Ring, vintage gold watch, coral cuff from my mom, Forever21 rings

(Photos by Mindy)

Now every time I go for the mailbox/ Gotta hold myself down/ 'Cause I just can't wait 'til you write me/ You're coming around... - Katrina And The Waves

Lately, the highlight of my days has been when I receive a letter from my fiancĂ©. I know. I sound so corny... But military life is so freaking hard when they aren't somewhere where they can use the phone. Besides that, I've been using spring dresses and bright colors to keep myself cheery.

It has been beautiful and warm in California, so I decided to throw on this adorable neon cut-out skater dress I ordered from Asos. It's equal parts cute and sexy. If he were here, this would so be a date look. In my head, I imagine that he would love it. I certainly did. This dress is literally like the sun in fabric.

To complete my look, I added gold accessories. I threw on a bunch of gold rings, and this cute coral cuff my mother bought me a while back. Along with my vintage watch, I also wore this super dope, chunky collar necklace from Zara. I finished it off with my current fave Zara heels. I def plan on wearing it again with flats when he's home:) Until then, I'm waiting by the mailbox and wearing sunshine.

xx Slim


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