Mar 20, 2013

Don't Like

TopShop Knitted Bang Motif Crop, American Apparel Sweatpants, cross necklace, and Hoop earrings, Zigi Soho heels, Forever21 rings and cuffs, NastyGal Binded Circle Ring and bullet necklace, Vintage 2 Finger ring, Vintage Gold Watch, Club Monaco stone bracelet

(Photos by Ceep)

Bang! Bang! A sneak disser that's that --it I don't like. - Chief Keef

There are few things I hate as much as sweatpants. Let me explain. When I posted a Karl Lagerfeld quote on my Instagram about how sweatpants "are a sign of defeat" and only bought when "you've lost control of your life", it was hilar. While there are occasions, like the gym, where they're appropriate, sweats in public out of laziness is something I just don't like!

After a super funny debate in my comments, I posted what I was wearing that day, sweatpants... with heels. This outfit started with me laughing at Karl and pulling out the only pair of sweats I own. Feeling like Sporty Spice, I topped them off with tons of jewelry, and a dope sweater from TopShop that reminds me of Batman.

I don't own much lounge clothing because I'm not about that life, but because I'm experimental, I switched things up (I've worn these twice before with heels) and rocked something I usually hate. Moral: just because I hate sweats doesn't mean I couldn't give them the chair and kill them. And you can too. "Comfort" isn't an excuse for haggard lol. I stunt so much in clothes because I'm living life.

xx Slim


  1. I love the top and the addition of the mesh under layer to the sweatpants.

  2. Very cool look! The heels and the sweatpants are sporty chic!

  3. Love your new header.
    For a trend you don't like much, you killed it!

    Personal Style Blog By ORR

  4. do this more often. i like.


  5. Nothing but love toward this outfit! That sweater is perfect! Xx


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