Jan 20, 2013

Locked Out Of Heaven

Sugarlips "Thou Fairest Maiden" dress, Steve Madden REALOVE sandals, vintage DIOR earrings and bracelet

(Photos by me)

You make me feel like I've been locked out of heaven for too long. -Bruno Mars

Sundays were once date days for me, but *sigh* they are now sad reminders that my former boo (aka my fiancĂ©) is away doing army stuff. Although perfect weather has entertained me, the only thing keeping me from going mad is getting dressed up and hanging with my girls. Girls are the best distraction ever.

The beach (did I mention that it's been in the high 70's all week? Woot!) and brunch were the perfect prescription for my funk. I wanted to feel girly and pretty (like I usually dress for him on Sundays) so I went with this super cute blue dress from Sugarlips. Now I can get grunge-y with the best of them, but I like to look pretty sometimes too.

In homage to his hatred of my spikes (lol), I kept it simple with silver REALOVE sandals and some of the daintiest pieces in my vintage DIOR collection. How cute are these little floral pieces? I had a really good time with my girls and I'm 90% sure he would love this look. Ugh I sound like a sap! I promise I won't do this the entire time he is gone lol.

xx Slim


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