Dec 3, 2012


Nasty Gal Venus maxi dress, Jeffrey Campbell Soiree sandals, Vintage fox fur my mom gave me, vintage DIOR earrings I got in high school, Forever21 cuff, Wasteland metal spike bracelet, Nasty Gal cross knuckle ring, Tobi love and double rings, .45 ring

(Photos by me)

Can't a young ----- get money anymore? Tell PETA my mink is dragging on the floor. -Ye

I have to admit that although I hate the Winter, I couldn't wait for it to come so that I could wear my mink and name a post "Theraflu". Sad. I know. In the time since I first heard the song, the song's name changed to "Cold" and I have almost avoided just that by coming back back to Cali Cali. Well, lucky for everyone, it happened to be just cool enough for fur when I decided to go out this weekend. Yay!

Ever since I came back to CA, I have either looked like a Chola, been at the beach, or been sick. Boo. After all of that, I really needed to get glam. I had just the dress. A few weeks ago, the latest Nasty Gal Collection dropped and I got the dopest dress ever. It's my fave color and has cut-outs: win! I finally got it this week. For my night out with the other Shayla, I decided to rock it.

It was semi-cold out, so I felt this dress would be dope topped with fur. Although I love it, I kept my black mink in the closet and pulled out my off-white fox instead. I NEVER wear it in NY for fear it will get nasty. Out of laziness, I threw on my SOIREEs and a few bangles. I finished the look with some DIOR earrings I bought myself in high school. Normally, I don't wear earrings, but tonight was special. I LOVE this look. I felt draped up and swagged out. Don't talk to me 'bout style! *Kanye voice* lol 

xx Slim


  1. Sick. Sick. Sick. Girl. You are working that dress. Topped with fur totally sealed the deal. I love the dialogue going with this post. I'd like to see this dress with different shoes but yes earrings definitely added to all the glam happening.

  2. HOLLY SHIT ! Thats AMAZING, I am loving EVERY single bit of this look !!!!!

  3. U look amazeballs dahlin xxx

  4. Pretty..

  5. This reminds me of Rih-rih. You look great xx


  6. gorgeous dress

  7. i'm in love with your blog and your style, you look stunning! just followed you via GFC, maybe you can follow back too.

  8. Wow, amazing blog! I love your style, your outfits are so smart and inspiring. I am really impressed, I haven't seen any blogger like you - mixing different styles with such a class. Bravo :)

  9. Stunning!





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