Nov 1, 2012

Purple Haze

TopShop knitted zip shoulder sweater, cross tights, and body chain, Forever 21 denim cut-offs, Jeffrey Campbell France boots

(Photos by Trevor)

Purple haze all in my brain. Lately, things don't seem the same. - Jimmy Hendrix

The seasons in New York are not even close to the ones in the books I read when I was a child. I came here years ago from "season-less" California expecting a Spring with birds chirping and bunnies hopping only to find 40 degree weather and snow still on the ground in April. Boo. I will always hate the fact that it's cold/rainy 80% of the year here, but even I can appreciate seeing leaves change. Doesn't really happen to the palms in Cali.

It was actually mild outside, so I could get away with a Cali Fall outfit: sweater, shorts, tights, boots. For this version, I was wearing my cozy purple oversized sweater from TopShop with F21 shorts, cross tights, and my JC France boots. Me being me, I put on a body chain (there's one just like it in the Literally, All Things Slim Giveaway gift bag. I will announce the winner on Monday!)to give it a little shape. Super Cali casual cool.

Now that Sandy has ripped through NY and it looks a mess outside, I can appreciate how dope the trees looked just a few days before. I don't often post my boring "I'm just hanging out" outfits, or match my lip to my sweater, but there are exceptions to everything, right? Now excuse me while I kiss the sky.

xx Slim


  1. LOVE the hair. LOVE the outfit. LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOVE. <3


  2. Love that sweater! looks so cozy and the color matches your lipstick wonderfully :)

  3. you look great as usual, love that lip color.. who cares that it matches your sweater.. Glad to see you are doing well after the Hurricane.


  4. Love this. Stealing. Especially considering purple is my fav color

  5. Your hear is awesome and you wear that body chain well!


  6. Love those tights!!!
    (\ /)
    ( . .)

  7. Love the purple sweater, it looks so comfortable. Your hair is nice too, it looks good stright.

  8. Ahhh those tights are BADA** love them and that burgundy jumper looks perfect on you...

  9. TopShop knitted zip shoulder sweater, cross tights, and body chain, ...


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