Nov 29, 2012


Sugarlips Barcelona Wander dress, Forever21 belt, vintage watch, Brandy Melville ring

I'm the spirit of my hair it's all the glory that I bear... I'll die livin' just as free as my hair. -Lady Gaga

Hey guys, so I finally tried my Sexy Hair goodies, and my hair is so laid! For my hair in the previous post, I used the Healthy Sexy Hair shampoo for color treated hair with the Soy Renewal nourishing styling treatment and Soy Tri-wheat Leave-in Conditioner, followed by the Straight Sexy Hair flat-iron spray and Big Sexy Hair humidity spray. 

The poo was very dope. It didn't dry my hair out, which is common when you dye. I especially like the Soy Renewal. That Argan oil was like crack to my hair... not that I know about crack lol. The flat iron spray and humidity spray kept me frizz free which was perfect. Frizz and dryness are two of my main hair issues. As many of you know, I only take my hair down to brown and use clips for the super blonde parts, so I like that the poo worked well on my weave hair too. My hair looked like God himself had touched it. Yasss! 

I know most of you will be happy to hear that I will be making some videos of how I style and dye my hair soon. I suck at using the camera, so once I get a decent video, I'll post it up for you guys.

xx Slim


  1. You loook gorgeous! Love the hair! Please check out my blog :) when you get a chance x

  2. Your hair looks great and this is really not the case once u dye it so true eh?.... gotta try out that stuff for my Frizzy Hair sure it would work.

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