Sex On Fire

Zara oversized sweater and quilted moto pants, TopShop harness belt (similar one here), Jeffrey Campbell SOIREE sandals, random bangles, gun ring, DIY slave ring, cross necklace (inside sweater), vintage watch

(Photos by Trevor)

Hot as a fever. Rattling bones. I could just taste it. Taste it ... -Kings Of Leon

I am absolutely terrified of motorcycles and you could not pay me to get on one. However, I must admit that there is something VERY sexy about leather and motorcycles. Maybe it's the danger factor. Who knows. But when I realized that the bike coordinated oh so well with my ensemble, I couldn't help but pose near, not on, it.

I finally agreed to go down to the shop with the "Boo" to see his best friend's new Ducati. I was very hesitant at first, because all I could think about was how dangerous they are, so I was protesting the purchase. While still not sold on the idea of them riding bikes, it is very cute. Knowing what I had on my agenda for the day, I decided to dress for the occasion. 

As you all know, I went crazy in Zara getting Fall clothes. One of my fave things is these dope red moto pants. So freaking sexy. It's cool here now, so I paired it with this cozy sweater. To give it some shape, I threw a harness belt over it, and finished off the look with a ton of silver and my current favorite lucite heels that everyone is probably sick of. I love this look. It's totally sex. On fire.

xx Slim


  1. nice outfit!
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  2. So needless to say...I LOVE this! And those Zara heels are giving me so much life! I just ordered some heels from them and you have me so amped to get them Get it boo!

  3. SOOOOOOOO fierce. <333


  4. Your Rocked this outfit! love the blog

  5. It's like your hair gets more amazing each time I visit :) I love those pants!
    (\ /)
    ( . .)

  6. I love the rocking look. From the red pants to the shoes! Love it!

  7. Love this look. This screams my name :)

  8. I love your hair here and especially your red pants. Looks haute next to the bike :)

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  10. I love your style.
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