Oct 2, 2012

Hello Brooklyn

Zara beaded jacket and harem pants, Nasty Gal Lolita cropped tank,  Jeffrey Campbell SOIREE heels, DIY body chain, vintage watch, gun ring

(Photos by Trevor)

...We got some victims to catch, so in a couple years baby, I'mma bring you some Nets.- Jay-Z

For the last few years, every time I drove (or cabbed) down Atlantic Ave, I would wonder how on Earth they were going to pull off an entire stadium on one of the busiest intersections in Brooklyn. Getting to Atlantic Center (where I would get my groceries pre Fresh Direct) was already pure hell. I saw an eye sore and carmageddon in my head. 

Fast forward to now. While I'm still not sure about the location (traffic is insane), I must admit Barclay's Center is low key dope. Though very masculine in design, it's different, so I knew it would make a good backdrop for a 'fit. Enter my look today. I was feeling a little Tragic Kingdom mixed with thug, so I wanted a sexy-tomboy look.

I went with these cute harem pants I got from Zara during a recent Fall spree. In full Stephani-channeling mode, I wanted to show my abs, so I threw on this Motel bralet from Nasty Gal and topped it with this dope embellished zip-up from Zara. How hilar is it that it looks like a jumpsuit and I'm at a stadium? Yass! It made for the perfect shop, eat, club look. Hello Brooklyn.

xx Slim


  1. Love this outfit, those shoes are hot!
    (\ /)
    ( . .)

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit! Very Balmain-esque!


  3. My new favorite personal fashion blogger !! Girl your working it! I'm going to have to mention you on my blog :)



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