Sep 26, 2012


 LA Bones tank,  cross ring,  and bra via Brandy Melville, UNIF Axl pants via Dollskill,  Forever 21 cross necklace, random bead bracelets, Jeffrey Campbell spike LITA, H&M arm chain

(Photos by Trevor)

Gold card, platinum card, plastic card too... I keep all my earnings in a box marked shoes... I work for you. - 1, 2, 3

It's that weird time of year again: not quite cold enough to tell Peta your mink is dragging on the floor, yet just cold enough to catch a cold. I was definitely supposed to head back to Cali before jacket weather, considering that I did not pack any jackets, but I've been so busy working that I forgot.
I seriously had every intention of avoiding the Fall. Ugh.

Although I felt it becoming too brisk for my denim topper and button down, I continued to book myself work. I guess the only good thing about the seasons changing is that I can finally wear these dope leopard UNIF pants without melting. Yay! In homage to my favorite place, I decided to don an LA racer back I got from Brandy Melville. Normally I would just wear pasties... or not, but how cute is this bra? 

I finished the look with my Litas, a cross necklace, my current fave, the arm chain, and a few bracelets. Once it got too cold (5pm), I topped it off with a denim jacket. I really could kick myself for not leaving yet, but in all honesty, all of this work was for a good cause: my closet. Closet, I work just for you. And it's good work. It's true. 

xx Slim


  1. Love your hair...and the spiked litas are love!!!

  2. I love this look! Can you please tell us how you get your hair that color. Is that ombre hair?


    1. Thank you. Yes. My hair is almost black, so over the course of like 2 months, I lightened it with quick blue. I started at the bottom, and then took the bleach up higher each time. I went over it with 3 different shades of Loreal streaks blonde for dark hair, so it wasn't flat, and finished it off with a Revlon box dye in platinum blonde. My hair goes to dark blonde. The platinum and white blonde are clips I dyed the same way. That's why the length always changes.

  3. that arm chain is absolutely stunning, love this look!


  4. Working for your closet is the best...

  5. amazing outfit, love tha leopard print pants! :)

  6. Can you tell me what size you got this pants in? I can't decide between a 25 or 26 and we have a similar shape. Thanks. Love your outfit btw.

    1. I got a 26 and I wish that I could've found a 25 because they were huge around my waist. I had to tailor them. Hope this helps. Thanks! xx

    2. Thanks for the speedy response and it helps a lot, you have a gorgeous sense of style, so glad my mate told me about your blog. <3

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