LA Bones tank,  cross ring,  and bra via Brandy Melville, UNIF Axl pants via Dollskill,  Forever 21 cross necklace, random bead bracelets, Jeffrey Campbell spike LITA, H&M arm chain

(Photos by Trevor)

Gold card, platinum card, plastic card too... I keep all my earnings in a box marked shoes... I work for you. - 1, 2, 3

It's that weird time of year again: not quite cold enough to tell Peta your mink is dragging on the floor, yet just cold enough to catch a cold. I was definitely supposed to head back to Cali before jacket weather, considering that I did not pack any jackets, but I've been so busy working that I forgot.
I seriously had every intention of avoiding the Fall. Ugh.

Although I felt it becoming too brisk for my denim topper and button down, I continued to book myself work. I guess the only good thing about the seasons changing is that I can finally wear these dope leopard UNIF pants without melting. Yay! In homage to my favorite place, I decided to don an LA racer back I got from Brandy Melville. Normally I would just wear pasties... or not, but how cute is this bra? 

I finished the look with my Litas, a cross necklace, my current fave, the arm chain, and a few bracelets. Once it got too cold (5pm), I topped it off with a denim jacket. I really could kick myself for not leaving yet, but in all honesty, all of this work was for a good cause: my closet. Closet, I work just for you. And it's good work. It's true. 

xx Slim
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