Sep 7, 2012

Fashion's Night Out NYC

Me, Boo
Chazeen of WWMD , NK, @califace, @filtheeeerich

@califace @filtheeeerich

Top Shop maxi dress, Zigi NY sandals, Forever21 clutch, random bangles, MAC Ruby Woo lippy with Brick liner

(Photos by me and Trevor)

Oh this is ladies night, and the feeling's right. Oh this is ladies night. Oh what a night. -Kool & The Gang

I finally got the chance to enjoy Fashion's Night Out this year, and I must say that I've been missing out! I spent the first year doing some modeling work, and last year assisting on a Bloomingdale's catalog and THEN working a modeling gig. Rachel Zoe (one of my sHeroes) was in the same building, and I was so busy in studio services, that I had no time to check out her set up before I had to hop in a cab to my next job. Oh the perils of my greed! I was determined to enjoy it this year.

One of my good friends, Shala ( of, came up to visit me from LA, and we spent the night shopping with my NY girls (Chazeen of WWMD, the show I do wardrobe for, my model friend Tanzy, and my future lawyer, NK), followed by dinner at Sea. Trevor (the "boo"/my photographer), met up with us to document out outfits. He was so excited about his oxblood suit! We have literally been planning it out ALL month, so we switch places and I got a few pictures of him for a change.

How did you guys spend FNO? Where did you go and did you have a blast too? Let me know. 

xx Slim


  1. Girl, you are beautiful! I am loving your ensemble and you and the boo make a beautiful, sophisticated couple.

  2. your #fno looks amazing and you look GORGEOUS! love your take on the angie's right leg pose. and that is beyond sweet of you to turn the tables and document your man rocking the shit out of that oxblood!


    1. Don't say that... He is already feeling himself in that suit enough lol Thanks xx

  3. You all look great! Love the dress!


  4. You're stunning & that dress is hot!

  5. LOVE this dress , you look so hot! I've always seen you on tumblr and i loved your style instantly and im soooo happy to have finally found you on blogger ,definite follow! I love your style its soo versatile and your so beautiful!Hope you can get time to check my blog out :)



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