Jun 10, 2012

Run This Town

Metal collar necklace and cropped racerback via Top Shop, DIY high/lo skirt from an old dress, Dolce Vita Jemma booties, vintage watch

(Photos by Trevor) 

All black everything. Black cards. Black cars. All black everything. - Jay Z

On the typical day, I look like I just rolled out of a Taking Back Sunday concert (note: that isn't a bad thing). But today? I'm full on glamourous. My face is beat to the Gods and my hair is layed hunny! I had a date and a music video on my agenda, so taking my look to the super next-level was so necessary. 

There was this old mullet dress I would probably never wear again wasting valuable suitcase space, so I decided to cut it in to a high-low skirt. When I added a cropped racer-back and this amazing Top Shop collar necklace, you couldn't tell me nothing! *Kanye voice* With so much going on on my neck, I wanted to keep the rest of my jewelry simple. If it hadn't been rainy, I would've went with a sandal, but NY being NY, I threw on my booties and I kind of feel it. 

I have been hearing mixed reactions to high-low skirts. Some say they are tacky and I'm sure the fashion Gods deem the mullet look a "No". I break the rules so I don't care. I love the sexy-in-the-front-glamour-in-the-back look these skirts give. Plus, no one wants their leg to touch that nasty subway seat on a hot day! Let me know what you guys think, and I'm gonna run this town tonight.

xx Slim



  1. Stunning look - girl you belong on a runway :) Love that necklace!


  2. cute outfit post..:-)
    hey doll i just nominated you for the versatile blogger awards. check it out

  3. You look an HBIC!!! Love you style!!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. stunning! i love your outfit and that necklace goes perfectly

  6. I just love your style so much! Its so edgy and fascinating and experimental. You're such a free person!
    Check out my blog: www.fashionsfinestno1.blogspot.com

  7. wow, you look gorgeous and fierce, I love everything from your hair to shoes <3



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