Jun 29, 2012


 H&M denim button up I stole from the boo, DIY shorts from 90's Guess jeans, Marciano shoes, Dior Saddle bag, 2 finger ring via Girl Props, Top shop necklace, .45 gun ring, random bracelets

(Photos by Ceep)

You a bad girl and your friends bad too. You got the swag sauce: you drippin' swagu. -Kanye

I may be young but I'm ready... Living in NYC makes you hyped for the Summer: rooftop parties, BBQ's, sunshine, and hot guys who worked out all Winter for that tank top body. People spend 3 months counting down and preparing. Although I managed to avoid 80% of the Fall/Winter, I was still hyped for all the parties! And this was my first LA Summer BBQ fit.

When dressing for a Summer weekend, you need to be casual, yet still able to rock heels (just in case you hit a party after those random BBQ's you stumble upon). No one wants to show up and be over or under dressed. It's all about finding the happy medium. Legs, lippy, and cute accessories usually do the trick. I went for all 3 in this denim on denim look.

Not knowing what the night would turn in to, I threw on the boo's button up with a pair of jeans from high school that I cut in to shorts. This works perfectly well with sandals, and, with the gold necklace and shoes, it becomes after-party worthy. I had the time of my life BBQ-hopping and dancing with the girls. I can't wait to do it all again, 'cause we like to party!

xx Slim


  1. Hey hun....stumbled upon your picture as I was doing my research for my next blog post....do you mind If I use one of your pics...I'll link it back to your page :)

    Your style is stunning! following you now!


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