May 26, 2012

No Church In The Wild

Silence & Noise cut-out cropped top, necklace and BDG spiked shorts via Urban Outfitters, Jessica Simpson Blairee sandals  via Nordstrom , printed fabric worn as DIY belt, random bracelets

(Photos by Trevor)

Coke on her black skin made it striped like a zebra. I call that jungle fever. -Ye

It has been raining out of control in NYC. Like, literally non-stop. When the sun finally made it's debut, I couldn't help but get excited. All of that rain and gloom can really get to a person. The unexpected vitamin D got me feeling wild so I pulled on these amazing high-waisted spiked shorts and added all the prints in my suitcase. 

I truly love the prints on prints on prints tribal look, but I see why so many people are afraid to try it. Mixing prints can go way left. It's definitely something that a teacher can't teach... But, if you remain in a the same color family, or, as in my case, use neutrals (read: black and white) it can be so right. 

According to the old-school fashion bible, mixing plaid and stripes is a no-no. But I'm obviously a non-believer. There's no church in the wild.

xx Slim

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