Apr 20, 2012

Lean Like A Chola

Top Shop Jimmy Hendrix tank and plaid button up, Victoria's Secret Pink bra, black fishnets, Zara slacks, Alexander Wang Freja boot, gold rosary, cross and bullet necklaces via Nasty Gal, random bracelet

Photos by Ken

Looking so good. I'm so hood. Gotta stay clean if you know what I mean. - Down

The Nike Cortez, the khakis, the drawn on brows and black lipliner... Some call it tacky. I call it genious. Yasss chile! I love it all, and sometimes, I like to put a little "stank" on my fit like only a true heina could. Yeah, yeah. I'm not hood or Latina, so who the hell knows where my obsession with Cholas came from... But I'm surely NOT the only one who adores them. I mean, look at Gwen Stephani and Fergie: 90% of their fab-ness came from their love of cholas. No one can convince me otherwise.

I have never been bold enough to venture outside in authentic Chola makeup, but I think I still accomplished full gangsta status. Although these khakis are office worthy, my shirt "belt" takes them in the complete opposite direction. I won't even comment on my boxer replacement... lol. I wish I would have photographed how awesome this looked with my Doc Marten's (I did a midday switch up), but these Freja's are definitely one of my favorite shoes of all time.

Several of my friends *ahem* hate it when I get all Chola on them.  But hell, I get bored sometimes and feel the need to go a little to the left. And seriously, what better way is there to lean than like a Cholo? Elbows Up. Side to side.

xx Slim

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