Apr 11, 2012


Arc & Co. Blazer, Sheer shirt dress, Jessica Simpson Dany Platforms, American Apparel hot shorts , vintage watch, random bracelets, wishbone necklace via NastyGal , .45 ring

(Photos by Ceep)

Ugh... I'm clean in this bish. Now I'm 'bout to shoulder lean in this bish. -Dro

 No one ever believes me, but white is my favorite color. There is something so regal, sterile even (I am a neat freak), about all white. If I could wear it daily, I totally would. After an entire winter of neon, I'm digging all things white/sheer at the moment. Too bad it isn't practical for my everyday life. I would go insane. Every friend (and even my mother) hated me after visiting my all white apartment.


My embarrassing issues aside, this blazer gives me life hunty! But for obvious reasons, it can only come out on occasion. When I kept graviating back to this blazer this morning, I figured that I may as well go all out and do a white dress to. I'll try to contain my excitement. ALL WHITE EVERYTHING (!!!) .

xx Slim

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  1. Love this look..i too love white...could you link where you got the shirt and blazer please....i need this look


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