Dec 24, 2018


It's crazy to think that this is my third ball! I always avoided red as to not be too matchy matchy, but not this year. Read on for more.

Dress: Abyss By Abby

Because of drunk dancing incidents in the past (him not me because I don't really drink), I decided I wanted a dress that had some drama but not so much of a train. The two previous years, my trains were constantly stepped on and it was difficult to dance. When I posted this look on my instagram, nearly everyone said it was their favorite. I am so glad I finally wore one of my favorite colors. There's something about red that makes me feel my prettiest. Because of the low back, I was a little scared I'd have a wardrobe malfunction but luckily I was able to use some really good fashion tape to hold the back in place (I know thong jeans were recently spotted on Jennifer Lopez, but I don't think I'm quite ready for the booty cleavage of the 90's lol). Let me know below!

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