Jul 16, 2018


 I have collected a lot of designer pieces over the year. Most of which is from the logomania era and consists of many of the Dior (my fave) collections. One of my faves was the Rasta Collection. I decided to pull this corset out of retirement. Read on for more.

 Top: Dior (Vintage) | Choker: Dior | Boots: Jeffrey Campbell | Pants: husband's :)

I once had two of the bags and also the matching heels to this corset, but my bags were stolen by the packers when we moved to Texas (they stole our bedding, linens, and a few of my other bags and some clothes as well), and my heels are in New York just waiting for me to fish them out of the shed. This all sucks because I'm very happy to see logomania coming back around again lol. In any case, I hope you guys love this nostalgia as much as I do.

xx Slim
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