Feb 28, 2018


I was in too much of a rush to get to the ball to take any good photos of us, but these crappy cell phone photos will have to do. Read on for more...

Dress: Designed by me using wax print

I wanted to do something fun for the ball, so I went with big hair and a long, pretty, colorful dress. I looked online until I found a pretty print, drew out my dress, and asked my aunt to help me sew it. The day of, I was literally sewing it on myself (the perils of a time crunch). It all worked out in the end except me not getting to take many photos before we left. Check out my pretty sconces on the floor. In case you guys didn't know, this is my newest house and I've been busy getting everything exactly how I want it since I didn't want to build a house, only to have to move in a few years. That's one of the major struggles of military life: you buy a house, get attached, and then have to uproot your life for a new duty station. Here's hoping you guys are feeling my dress and that I'll get many years in this house!

xx Slim

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