Jan 26, 2018


Guess who got a surprise 5th anniversary trip to Paris? This gal. Read on for more

Beret: Nasty Gal /  Bag: Chanel similar here / Skirt: Asos /Sweetheart Bodysuit: Boohoo / Heels: Louboutin affordable here

I was super excited when I found out about this trip. He told me a little early because I was planning to go to my cousin's graduation in Georgia that week and he didn't want me to double book. I'm semi happy he did because that gave me about two weeks to find a few pieces to add to my wardrobe for the trip. I wanted to play on stereotypical French fashion -but in a playful way. Lots of stripes. Lots of chic. Lots of black. And, of course, a beret lol.

Cafe Du Flore is a fun place to people watch, have tea (or coffee) and sweet treats. No trip is complete without a table photo here. 

 Beret: Nasty Gal / Bodysuit: Boohoo / Bag: Chanel similar here / Jeans: BooHoo / Blazer: Asos / Heels: Boohoo

 Of course we made a visit to the Musee Du Louvre. They have a great collection of Egyptian and Greek art which was awesome, lots of paintings (including the famous Mona Lisa -I was more excited about the Egyptian section), as well as African and Muslim art. I definitely suggest making it one of your stops. You can check out some of my footage from it on my saved instagram stories.

The Notre Dame cathedral is gorgeous! I couldn't get enough of the gothic architecture (Paris in general has beautiful buildings and is just plain gorgeous). I suggest making a stop here because they keep the original and a displayed replica of what is believed to be Jesus' crown. You can even visit on the last mass of the month to kiss the real one. 

We stayed at a hotel right by the Eiffel Tower called the Pullman Eiffel Tower. There were lots of cafes and street food nearby, so I enjoyed staying there. Also, who wouldn't want this view? We had a "chic lunch" at the Eiffel Tower restaurant. I suggest trying their dinner. The views are romantic and the food is good. Speaking of food, we ate steak frites and even ramen while in Paris. All of the food was delicious.

 Beret: Nasty Gal / Sweater: Nasty Gal similar here / Skirt: Asos similar here

 One of my fave places we went (I enjoyed it more than the Champs De Elysees can you imagine lol) was the catacombs. It is the underground resting place of millions of Parisians from the 14th century. It can be viewed as a little creepy since these are real bones, but I love history and have always wanted to visit. I definitely suggest buying line passes for here and the museums if you'd prefer to not wait in long lines. 

I was only in Paris for about 5 days and I would love to visit again. Although it was Winter, it was nice to visit at that time because 1) thats my anniversary and 2) the Christmas decor and lights make it even more romantic and pretty. 

Here are some of the places I suggest you visit if you've never been or even if you have and haven't checked them out:

-Musee Du Louvre and their gardens
-Notre Dame Cathedral
-Eiffel Tower and their restaurant and gardens. The dinner is more expensive than the lunch but both are good if you're on a budget.
-Cafe Du Fleur for desserts and coffee
-Le Relais de l’EntrecĂ´te for delicious steak frites
-Champs De Elysses for shopping
-The Siene River. You can stroll along it in the Summer. It's like their "beach". But it's also a good place for a river tour or dinner.
-Roue De Paris which is their ferris wheel. It's another great place for views. 
-Street food! Eat all of the crepes lol. Try escargot and pick up some warm wine to walk around with to stay warm if you go in the Winter.

xx Slim


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