Jul 10, 2017


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Rainy days aren't my favorite, but they are a good excuse to pull out this outfit. Read on for more details on this lituation

Top: Dolls Kill
Skirt: Dolls Kill
Boots: Dolls Kill

Although I've had these pieces for a while now, it has been either extremely hot, or extremely humid outside here. Enter the perfect day: not too hot, not too humid, and scattered showers. I've got to admit I was excited to finally pull this look out. Orange is a color I usually think looks awful on me, but as a shoe, it works! So I paired my boots with this pink ensemble (and some huge hoops) and set out for a day of shopping. I can already tell that I'm going to have fun wearing this again (and again) as those storms roll in. Let me know what you think about this look below.

xx Slim



  1. You look awesome
    Great shoes on heels

  2. Lituation indeed! Down to the nails girl, you did this.

  3. I'll take everything, nails and coin purse included.

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