Jun 11, 2016

SORRY - Capri Leggings Festival Outfit

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Usually, I think of an older woman when I think of wearing cropped pants, but cropped leggings are definitely maintain their "lit" status while also being cool, casual, and comfortable. Ok. I sound like my mother now lol. Read on for details on this look.

capri legging outfits

 Top: Nasty Gal | Heels: Public Desire | Leggings: Go Jane | Bag: Kristin Jessica

I ain't sorry... I ain't sorry... Hell no - Beyonce

I'm really not sorry cropped is making a comeback. And I know I wasn't the only one extra in to Beyonce's Yeezy outfit in the "Sorry" video. I've owned these leggings for almost a year but had never really worn them with heels (I got them for my Thailand vacation). Glad that I did! When I got this bomb fringe top, I was going to pair it with shorts, but to switch it up, I went with these. When I added my new Christian Louboutin dupe sandals and some silver jewelry, I felt I'd achieved the perfect casual/fresh fit. The Neon Desert Festival was going on, and although I didn't go, this would've been perfection. What say you? Are you feeling this look? Let me know in the comments. 

xx Slim

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  1. The snapback is glorious. Congrats on the new baby!


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