May 30, 2016


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It's been almost 5 weeks since I gave birth to my sweet angel, Declan Xander, and I'm starting to feel like myself again. Keep reading for outfit details and more...
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 Dress: Nasty Gal | Heels: So Kate | Bag: Vintage DIOR

Nothing can stop me I'm all the way up! - French Montana

Although I still have about 15 lbs to lose, I've got to say that I'm amazed at how awesome the body is. I was nervous that the second time around may be harder on my body, and it was (no one told me how painful inversions, or reverse contractions, are. Apparently they get worse every time), but it's going back to normal at just about the same rate as it did with Dylan. 

Yes, I know how vain this sounds, but a part of feeling like yourself again is looking and dressing the way you normally do again. And let me tell you: I was going to claw my eyes out if I had to wear jeans with an elastic band a moment longer! To celebrate being bump free, I pulled out this dope cut-out blazer dress

Although you wouldn't be able to tell from these photos (thanks to hungry man Dec who I'd just fed lol), a perk of just giving birth is huge, implant looking boobs. Now, you know I'm normally flat-chested, but these baby boobs filled this dress out nicely! Too bad they disappear after every feeding lol. In any case, this is the perfect look for a celebratory night out with your man or the girls: baby boobs or not. Between completing my family, moving to our new home soon, and my amazing everything else, I'm feeling on top of the world and back to me. I'm all the way up.

xx Slim

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  1. Yes Honey, I've been waiting to hear from you. You look great!! Congrats again on the new edition......looking forward to pics. I so admire women who look after self, and family. Stay Fab. Enjoy your day.


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