Mar 16, 2016


Blazer dresses are always a good idea. Even when you're heavily pregnant. Keep reading for details!

Dress: Missguided (Black here) | Heels: Steve Madden | Bag: Forever21

We on that ultralight beam... - Kanye West

They say black and other dark colors are the best way to look slim. Although there's no mistaking my bump from the side, I've got to say this nude dress looks just as great as I imagine it would in black. Not that I'm trying to look Slim! You guys may recall my blazer blazer look from my last pregnancy. I LOVED that look. Everyone claimed to not even notice my bump. Granted, I wasn't as far along as I am now lol. 

You can still find this dress here

I definitely recommend a blazer dress for any time you want to look polished in a low key way. Add sandals, and you're sure to turn heads. Are you guys feeling the look? Let me know!

xx Slim


  1. love this look! and congratulations on your second pregnancy!

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