Feb 6, 2016

LOVE SONG - Valentine's Day Inspo

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I won't be celebrating Valentine's Day this year because Trevy is away for work this month (military spouse problems lol) but that doesn't mean I couldn't share what I intended to wear. Read on for more on this look.

date night maternity looks

 Dress: BooHoo | Jacket: Forever21 (Similar here)  | Taupe Heels: Shoe Republic

 Oh, baby. I'm not asking for the world maybe you could give me what I want... - Rihanna

I know. I haven't posted in ages. But that's going to change. It's like I got a sudden energy boost now that I hit my 3rd trimester. Between our upcoming move (but why was it originally scheduled for January, then 10 days before my due date, then in 3 weeks, now up in the air? *sigh* Army life) stressing me out, waiting for the date of his time in the field he's gone to now, gestating a baby and my Dylly, I have been busy. Although there isn't any final resolution, I'm feeling less preoccupied with all things Army and family and can finally focus on things like getting dressed lol.

Each year, V day is hit or miss. This is the 2nd he's missed since we've been married but we did have plenty before that, so I'm not complaining. Before I knew he'd be gone, I got this cute little mauve number from BooHoo. I'm sure you all saw it's a Pantone color of the year, which actually made me quite happy as I love the color (see me wearing it head to toe here). Especially on my nails. 

I consider it kind of a neutral, and it looks great on tan/brown skin tones. I added a neutral coat (can it decide if it's Winter or Spring here in El Paso already?) and nude shoes. Since it's not a maternity dress, I can't wait to see how dope it looks sans bump too. are you guys excited for V day? Let me know below!

xx Slim


  1. really cute dress!!

  2. You look absolutely fabulous, expecting your 2nd baby & congratulations to you! I am sorry your husband won't be able to join you this time, but I pray you all will have so much more celebrations ahead, with the new baby & all!

  3. Hey Now!! Soo beautiful...........Can't wait to see this little one. ♥


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