Jul 15, 2015


lol So I'm clearly not playing any games when it comes to preparing for Trevy's return and my vacation. Continue on for details on this look.

Jul 14, 2015


vacation swimsuit, two piece high waist bikini

Swim Suit: Bottle Blonde | Heels: Just Fab

You look like you need a vacation... - Big Sean

I may have already mentioned that hubby is coming home very soon (like Sunday soon), but I didn't mention that we are going on a much deserved vacation shortly afterward. Of course I had to start shopping for it, and this sexy $8 suit is one of my purchases. I wasn't sure how the quality would be for the price, but I was pleasantly surprised. I cannot wait to rock it on the beach lol. Now, I've just got to find a cover-up. 

xx Slim 


Jul 6, 2015


My hubby is going to be home in a few short weeks, so I'm stocking up on date looks -I've got to remind him why he misses me so much lol. 6 months is a long time to not see someone. That has left me excited and nervous and pretty much in a rush to go from looking a tired mess to back to my normal self. Keep reading for more on this look.
high slit lbd, sexy lbd

Jul 5, 2015


There are few things that had me as excited as my baby's first birthday. Initially, I wasn't going to do much because 1) he won't remember, 2) his dad is deployed, and 3) I have like 2 friends in El Paso. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it's perfectly ok to go all out (for myself) to celebrate the most amazing thing that I've done: give birth. Seriously. His birth was traumatic from start to finish. But finally being able to hold my sweet baby, after only being able to look at him, was the best thing ever. He deserved a big party. And so did I. 

I went back and forth about the theme, but ultimately decided on Curious Dylan. It sums up his personality perfectly. Read on for more about how I decorated and what I learned.

Jul 4, 2015


Who doesn't love the 4th Of July? Read on for the shopping details on my patriotic look
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