Jan 11, 2015


fall lips, ombre hair, wide leg trousers

I can't believe I made it all the way to Winter before breaking out one of my favorite lipsticks ever. Though, in my defense, Trevor does hate this color lol. Keep reading for more...

  Top: c/o Wantlist | Coat: H&M | Pants: Missguided | Bag: Missguided | Heels: Zara 

Photos by Trevor

And if in the moment I bite my lip... -Ariana Grande

So, not even a year after his deployment to Afghanistan, my husband is being deployed AGAIN. I am clearly not at all thrilled. All I can think about is how much he's going to miss for the six months he's going to be gone: Dylan's first steps, first words, first birthday... Though I'm not a mess quite yet (denial), I am trying to enjoy as much time with him as possible.

We found out he was being deployed about a week before New Year's Eve. Thank God he'd put in for leave, otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to spend those two weeks after Christmas with him work free. We need all of the date time and quality family time we can get- he's leaving in 7 days. 

Although he had to work a 24hr shift and attend trainings which are taking up most of our last weekend before he leaves, we tried to fit in some couple time. This is what I wore. I was going for the Olivia Pope version of Shayla. What I ended up with was these super fly (and actually long enough!) wide leg trousers and this very dope bandage top from a brand new and really great quality online shop called Wantlist. Love. With the addition of my navy duster coat, I was business sexy and totally ready to love my big head a little bit harder before he goes. 

xx Slim


  1. People say that the deployments get easier. I have found this not at all to be true! I have similar pants in my shopping cart as we speak. I am so glad wide leg pants are trending, or soon to be :)

    1. Me too! Gurl, I'm definitely NOT looking forward to this one at all.

  2. one of the favs.. I need this coat in my life



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