Jan 24, 2015


midi skirt, pencil skirt outfits

I wish that I could say that I've been keeping on top of things better, but unfortunately, that so isn't the case. Read on for more...

 Top: Missguided | Skirt: Missguided | Belt: Bebe | Heels: Ami Clubwear | Bracelets: Aldo 

Photos by Trevor

Get it! Get fly! I got 6 jobs I don't get tired! - Kevin Gates

I have been a hot mess lately trying to juggle my blog, preparing my husband for his 6 month deployment, my suddenly booming store business, and keeping my little guy happy. And while I did a great job playing with Dylan, helping Trevy prepare and making, packing, and shipping orders, I have completely sucked at writing my blog posts. They always say something has to give *insert sighing emoji*.

Trevy has been gone for exactly a week now and I've been living happily in denial, but my mom has finally arrived and I now have time to blog. Yay! This is a look from about 2 weeks ago that I wore on a date day with Trev. I wanted to put on something simple but impactful and I think this suede skirt and bodysuit combo did just that. 

I hope you guys can bare with me while I adjust to single parentdom and juggling all of my 6 jobs lol. Sleep be damnned: I'm determined to maintain everything and be a great mom at the same time. They were not lying when they said being a stay at home/work from home mom is a JOB. It really is. And there aren't any breaks but it's the best job ever.

xx Slim

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