Sep 2, 2014


balancing motherhood and work. Wearing Bebe Pencil Skirt, TopShop Top, and Christian Louboutin "So Kate" heels. Orbit Baby stroller

On Slim: Pencil Skirt: Bebe | Cropped Top: TopShop (Similar) | Heels: Christian Louboutin "So Kate" | Headband: NastyGal | Cuffs: Aldo | Earrings: Bebe (Similar) | Stroller: Orbit Baby 

On Dylan:
Top: Carter's | Shorts: Carter's | Shoes: Amy Coe 

There goes my baby... - Usher

Well, I'm sure everyone knows by now that I am a mother. I am also sure that many of you have wondered about-- as I did, or even experienced the changes you go through once you have a baby. And I'm not just talking about physical changes... 

Women already juggle so much: work, home, family, friends, not to mention a boyfriend or spouse... Balance is a word that often comes up, but when you add a baby to an already full plate, something very important often falls from said plate: yourself. I think that's why when we hear the word "mom", cringe-worthy images of a crazed woman in ill-fitting FUPA jeans with a stained, oversized shirt, ratty hair and seemingly permanent under eye bags come to mind. Sigh.

Now, I can see how a woman can go from fly to "mom" after such a huge change. Believe me: there are days when Dylan will be dressed to the 9's and I'm a hot, slatternly mess in my red robe at 4pm (in my defense, the robe is Martha Stewart and super plush, but that's here nor there). And I've scared the UPS guy on numerous occasions, but I made a vow to myself not to forget MYSELF in the midst of my new journey as a wife AND mother.

It may take a bit longer (ever tried curling your hair or getting your eyeliner to match on both sides with a screaming baby vying for your attention?), and yes, sometimes, I have spit up and even poop (poop!) on me (no one tells you about the up-the-back poops), but looking nice and dressing up is a huge part of who I am. 

I don't knock any of the mothers out there who are so selfless that they'd rather put their full effort in to their child, and put themselves (social life, dating life, friends, etc.) on the back burner. But for me, my sanity, my husband, and most importantly, Dylan, I want to be as happy as possible. And that means not losing my identity in a mountain of boppys and bimbos and pull toys. 

"Mom" doesn't have to be a derogatory word. And a baby doesn't have to mean the end of romance (don't let your baby sleep in your bed!), fun, life... Happy mommy = happy baby. Sure, I've changed a bit. And I SUCK at talking on the phone now. But I'm still essentially the same ol' Slim. My jeans may be a bit more snug (hello child-bearing hips) and it may take a bit (read: a lot) more effort to get ready, write blog posts, cook, etc., but it's the effort that counts. And when I look down at him sleeping peacefully on my arm as I type this, I know it's worth it.

*Would you guys like to hear more about my post-baby life? I'll be happy to share with more posts like this. You can ask me questions below in the comments. And while you're there, let me know how you balance being a mother with your lives. I'd love to hear!

xx Slim


  1. I admire you a lot for doing so much as a blogger, mother, and wife. Whenever I come of age where I'm ready to settle down, I would love to do it the way you did. You look flawless and determined to remain the same while juggling so many things around. I would love to read more about your post-baby life! ♡

    xx AlexisSplash

    1. Thank you so much! And thank you for reading and for all of your comments. I don't always remem to respond, but I def appreciate it! <3 xx

  2. Is def want to hear more about baby and mother life . I just had my daughter 13 days ago. I am adjusting and trying not to lose myself .


    1. Awww congratulations! I totally feel you. It's so easy to get wrapped up in baby and end up forgetting about yourself. Thanks for reading and enjoy your new baby! xx

  3. Such a beautiful post. stylish mom and stylish son!!

  4. I loved this post! I've been struggling with balancing blogging, getting dolled up, and time management now that I have a lil person yanking at the hems of my dresses and leaving her little pools of drool on my shoes as I attempt to get dressed! Lol I'm a nursing mother so I'd love to get a few fashion tips about that struggle.


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