Sep 19, 2014


high waist trousers pink dress pants

Photos by Trevor

...Gotta, gotta be down because I want it all - The Killers

Having pink hair kinda makes (forces, actually) you want to wear a lot of pink. That said, I felt it was time to whip out these pink pants I got from Missguided. 

To tone it down a bit, I decided to anchor the look with black. A crop top, some black and gold accessories, and matching heels later, I had a fun date night look (my mother drove up so we had a sitter woot woot!)to wear for Trevor.

I don't wear tailored pants often, but these are super fun because of the color. They aren't quite office appropriate, but they sure are great for when you want to switch things up. Are you guys digging the tailored pants look? I know I can't be the only one who wants a break from dresses. Let me know in the comments below!

xx Slim


  1. I have that necklace in black and ivory ! Best f21 buy to day!. Love the tassel belt as well!!!

  2. VERY NICE - and very office appropriate (just with a different top for the office). You look lovely...

  3. wowowow!! this look is amazing!! love these pants!!!you look great!! following you on lookbook, instagram and bloglovin! hope you can visit mine and follow me too! kisses!:)


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