Aug 1, 2014


pink hair; allthingsslim; pearl necklace

Photos by me

No flex zone! No Flex Zone! They know better - Nicki Minaj Remix

Now that I'm back in Cali (just for a quick visit and a Beyonce concert), I'm definitely feeling back to myself. And there is nothing more motivating while you're getting dressed than a than having a babysitter lol. It's time to turn heads and shut it down! 

This is a little diddy I scored from Nasty Gal last week. It's a lil sexy. A lil sporty. And a whole lot Slim. I finished off my look with a dope Chanel-esque pearl collar from Front Row Shop and some stripy sandals, and I was ready to slay lol.

Here I come. They should know better!

xx Slim


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