Jul 21, 2014


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 Photos by Trevor

Summer Summer Summer time. Time to sit back and unwind - Will Smith

Living in the desert certainly makes you appreciate having a pool. Being able to actually get in it (finally!!!) after having a baby makes it even more sweet. 

Because the temperature reaches 105 more than 5 times a week, I'm not able to take Dylan outside (unless he's in an air conditioned car or building), so when it's a decent temp (like 99 lol) I can actually get some pool time. Yay! Dylan isn't a fan of the pool yet btw. 

For my latest trip to chlorinated heaven, I wore this super cute one-piece from Ami ClubWear. Although I love bikinis, I'm all about the cut-out one-piece. Weird tan lines be damnned, these things are hella sexy. With some dark lippy and a hat to prevent sunburn, I was ready for a dip. To finish my look, I slipped on these dope booties from Make Me Chic. Sure, they aren't typical pool attire, but they make for a glam by the pool moment don't you think? lol

xx Slim


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