Jun 22, 2014


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Photos by Trevor

I just want to make you sweat... -David Guetta & Snoop Dogg

Although my body isn't quite back to it's pre-baby status, I have no issue baring my stomach. Sure, I'd love for this linea negra to fade already (and I prob should work out once my doc says it's ok), but it's Summer time and I can't let something as silly as a few "baby badges of honor" stop me from having fun with my wardrobe.

As most of you know, I'm not one to wear sweats unless it's with heels. These white joggers from Front Row Shop were perfect for the dressed down mood I was in -and the perfect way to tone down the sexy top I wanted to wear. It also helps that they look just like the black sweats I always steal from my husband alllll the time lol. Now I have my own and I was ready to rock them.
To finish my look, I put on one of my fave accessories ever, my arm chain I got a few years back from H&M. With the addition of my hat, I was ready to hit the streets with my boys. I'll save the sit ups for later lol.

xx Slim


  1. Wow! Hard to believe you just had a baby :) Can you share your mommy work out with me?

    1. Thank you. I haven't started working out yet because I just passed 6 weeks. Other than walking with the stroller and exclusively breast feeding, I'll probably start doing pilates dvds -that is, if he lets me lol xx

  2. incredible!! I can only hope that I look that amazing seemingly seconds after having a kid:) kudos

  3. wow I love this look
    I love your style
    loving the pants


  4. Woow you look amazing, where can I get the shoes?

  5. Love the whole look..... How did you get rid of your pregnancy stretch marks?

  6. You're incredible. I'm a regular on your blog I just rarely comment. I love everything you do, wear, post, write. EVERYTHING! I don't understand why some fancy magazine or a fashion designer haven't scooped you up yet. I wish I had connections. Dang!


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